Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sterling Girl & the Termintor

Nathan, the Terminator and Linda, the Sterling Girl, would like to say "welcome to our blog!" We didn't think we would actually do this. But hey, according to my sister, Meredith, pigs do indeed fly! And now I've actually gone and proven it for her twice in 1 week.
We are a classy mom and son wending our way through this incredible thing we call life.
Nathan is excelling in school, reading, singing his little Christmas heart out--he just performed with his class in the local Lutheran Church's Christmas program. He did a stellar job, singing and smiling through the entire show. He is in a class of 14 students and they are all best friends, this being their 2nd year together as a group.
I just finished a class in accounting which I am so glad to have finished! I pulled a B grade. A big surprise for me because the tests were all really hard and I didn't do so well on them. But I loved the hands-on assignments and excelled in all of them, so it all balanced out in the end. Hopefully, the same thing will transpire with my economics class I'm currently taking. Economics is so lost on me--ZOOM! right past my head! It is definitely not a science, but an art, because who in their right mind would actually want to study this stuff? Only a left-brainer!
I'm busy growing my sterling jewelry business. And if you're interested in seeing what I sell, just send me an e-mail request and I'll email you the link. Things are going sterlinging well starting out. Nathan is my biggest fan and regularly arranges the jewelry in my display. He is quite the little advertiser, too.
So, I know this is short for any of you checking this out for the first time. Give me time as we're a work in progress :o)


Meredith said...

Holy CRAP!!!!! You're here! This is totally more miraculous than a flying pig for sure!
Congratulations on your B! That's pretty great! You're one smart cookie! And apparantly so is my little nephew! I'm so happy you have a blog! Way to go!!!! If you ever need any help with it... you know my number!

Jan said...

Hey guys,
happy to see you have a blog. If you notice I rarely write on mine, I never know what to say. But I do every now and then. And I check in more often then I write on my own.